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I HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT ANYONE WHO WHOLE-HEARTEDLY COMMITS TO MY PROGRAM WILL NOT ONLY SUCCEED IN GIVING UP SMOKING, BUT WILL ENHANCE THEIR ABILITY TO BELIEVE IN THE POWER TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE. I FEEL THAT THE UNIQUENESS OF MY PROGRAM IS THAT IT TAKES A SPIRITUAL APPROACH BRINGING THE PERSONS FOCUS BACK TO THE GOODNESS OFTHEIR LIFE; (THEIR CHILDREN, FAMILIES, RESTORING HEALTH AND SPIRITUAL FITNESS ECT…)TRUE TRANSFORMATION CAN ONLY COME FROM THE POWER TO SUSTAIN POSITIVE CHANGES BY CONNECTING OUR THOUGHTS TO OURS SPIRITS WILL.It’s my greatest hope that people find the power within themselves to overcome their addictions. I believe it’s only through the spirit that the balance within the mind, body and emotions can be regained creating overall fitness. Beginning the process of deleting all mental baggage, unhealthy habits and evaluating your belief system is your first step to true transformation. Everyone has the power to change any area of their life according to what they’re willing to believe, learn and practice.
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ISBN: 9781453538432
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