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The Tower

198 pages2 hours


The Sun is dying. Humanity, descending into anarchy and chaos, is desperate to escape. Space elevators and starships are being built, but can save so few.

Into this World comes Yifan Shen, dragging her mother with her. They come from our own Earth, and leave behind their own problems for Yifan's step-father - for Yifan's ability to travel between minds brings danger and death; to save them, he has to go back to his previous employer: British Intelligence.

In this World John and his friend Professor Alan Baer have to discover the secret of Travel between Worlds, find the mysterious Flying Dutchman and fend off the Chinese Secret Service. In the other, Yifan is trapped as the slave of an abusive family; and her mother, Ji Ye, is riding up the Tower into space. The secret of Travelling could save the doomed inhabitants of Earth - but at what cost?

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