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Copper Fire (The Delaneys: The Untamed Years)

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Book One of the COPPER FIRE and SILKEN THUNDER Connected Two-Book Series

Sloan Lassiter is a rich and powerful man. He’s also an extremely dangerous man. If he commanded, men would crawl to him and women would go on their knees before him. Darkness fills his heart. The only thing that matters to him is getting revenge, and if he dies in the process, so be it.

Then he hears Brianne Delaney laugh.

Brianne is traveling through Colorado with her twin brother Patrick, when a rainstorm delays their trip to St. Louis. It’s there she meets Sloan Lassiter. She recognizes the danger in him, but she’s a Delaney and no Delaney ever turned away from danger.

And there are a couple of other things too. His eyes change color from that soulless gold when he looks at her with desire. And the only time he shows any gentleness is when his hands touch her skin. So when he makes her an outrageous proposition, she finds she can’t refuse.


Please enjoy this book, COPPER FIRE (The Delaneys, The Untamed Years) which is part of an expansive series of romance novels written by three bestselling authors about the Delaneys, an extraordinary and complicated family. The men and women from the Delaney family dynasty span many generations, and their loves and passions are so glorious it takes many great romance novels to tell their tempestuous stories.

COPPER FIRE is the first book in a two-book series. The second book, SILKEN THUNDER (The Delaneys, The Untamed Years) concludes the epic and romantic tales which begin here in COPPER FIRE.

Enjoy! Fayrene

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