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Odessa Lace - Marea Mystic #1: The Mystery of the Gypsy Ring

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Odessa Lace - Marea Mystic: The Mystery of the Gypsy Ring

A Clean Young Adult Fantasy Series!

Suitable all ages.

An ordinary girl caught in an extraordinary life ...

The OL series takes us on Odessa's adventures of self-discovery and magic between the ages of 15 and 25.

#1 - Odessa always thought of herself as an ordinary teenager - well almost anyway. Until her sixteenth birthday when her life suddenly becomes extraordinary

She doesn't yet know, that once every hundred years or so, a great Gypsy mystic is born. Descendant from the Gods of Atlantis. A human being with the blood of the gods, and the ability to foresee the future ... relive the past ... change the present.

Soon she will. And soon she will know it is she. It is said, this seer will have the power to protect the freedom of mankind and transform lives.

Come along with OL as she discovers a world of supernatural and fantasy that exists alongside the reality of this world for those born with the gift of insight. Or like the innocence of children, believe! 

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