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Publishing Erotica: Smutwriting Guide, #1

52 pages40 minutes


No secrets held back in this guide.


This is a how-to guide for making your first $1,000 writing erotica by an author making over $100,000/year. The guide will cover the necessary steps to ensure a successful foundation writing and publishing erotica as well as examine numerous tactics to increase the value of erotica stories.

I could add a bunch of mumbo jumbo sales tactics here to try to get you to buy this guide, but honestly, why not check it out? Here's what the guide will cover:

Ch.1 Niches, kinks and sub-kinks
Choosing the right kink
Creating new kinks
Breaking into bloated kinks
Knowing when the right kink has been found

Ch2. Influencing additional sales
Getting the most out of a series
Creating effective backmatter
Creating long lasting stories

Ch.3 Writing an effective blurb

Ch.4 Creating an effective cover
Face and body language
Using an appropriate font
Choosing colors
The power of imagination

Ch.5 The first 500 words
Setting the scene
Getting emotional
Displaying erotica

Ch.6 Keywords
Keyword practice
Bad keyword strings
Effective keyword strings
How to find keywords
Identifying bad keywords

Ch.7 Identifying failed story issues

Ch.8 Everything else
Price points
Refining stories
Increasing production speed

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