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Crazy Names For Girls And Boys: A Short List Of Crazy Baby Names To Help Daring Parents

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Now you have done it! You’ve spent some quality time together and have gotten yourselves into a situation that will be with you for the rest of your natural lives!

Congratulations parents to be, you are expecting! Oh gosh…

Where to start? What colour will you paint the babies room? What stroller will you buy? Will you be those kinds of parents that have an all-natural food source for your little bundle of joy on the way, or will you go commercial foodstuff? Will you have to buy a minivan! SO MANY WHAT WILL WE DO’S!

But that isn’t even close to the most important conversation you will have to make! No, new parents in waiting. The most important decision facing you is,


Will you go traditional? Or will you go, “Dang it! We want to shock Grandma Josie, let’s go crazy!”

Crazy Names for Girls and Boys: A short List of Crazy Baby Names to help Daring Parents is a short eBook filled with a few crazy baby names for both girls and boys.

Look through the list, discuss with your significant other or not and maybe you too will have a child with a name that will make Grandma Josie shout out, “You named that child what!” 

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