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Parenting Children: Learn How to be a Loving and Effective Parent: Parenting Children

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Would you like to understand the world from the mind and eyes of a child and a loving and experienced parent?

Would you like to read typical real-life dialogues between that parent and child?

Would it help to understand the psychology of a child who is just stepping out into a new and awesome environment?

This world is full of awe and wonder, but laced with challenges that may set your child back or help him or her move forward into a hope-filled, loving and responsible future. This book contains the knowledge and tools you can use to aid your child on the way to success. It also has its moments of humor. 

Topics covered here are those that are extremely important for parents raising their children in the 21stCentury. Some represent the more recent problems presented by modern technology. Others represent the time-established struggles faced by all children everywhere:

Bullying Cyberbullying Peer Pressure The Internet and Social Media Effective and Loving Discipline Teaching Children Awareness of Their Emotions Teaching Children Empathy Social Interaction Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

When your child was just a whisper between two loving people; when your child was just a gleam in your eye; the magic of the parental experience began. Through all the years of raising your child you will truly touch the transcendent power of love.

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