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His Darlin' Love: MacTavish Chase Cattle Ranch Series, #1

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Andrew Chase has plans for the future of the MCCR, but when his closest friend and partner Stephen MacTavish dies and his daughter vanishes, his plans are out of reach.
Colleena MacTavish is the pride of the MCCR and the lynch pin that would bring the ranch into the next generation stronger and more profitable than before. That is if she marries Andrew's eldest son, Jeremy.
Sara Lockhart is Colleena's best friend. With her parents killed in a plane crash, and her baby sissy living across the country, Colleena is her only family. Her friend has warned her off cowboys, yet when she meets David Logan, Colleena's adoptive brother, she finds herself being swept off her feet, as well as caught up in the old fashioned world of Andrew Chase.
Carol Farnsworth is Colleena's long-time nemesis and she has her own plans for the MCCR. She wants the same thing Andrew wants, only she wants it all for herself, including Jeremy! And she'll do just about anything she can to get what she wants. Even if it means leaving Colleena to die at the hands of a serial killer!
Jeremy Chase only wants one thing, and that is to find Colleena and set things back the way they're supposed to be. Will he figure out Carol's plans for the future of the MCCR and himself in time to save His Darlin' Love, or will she be yet another victim of the elusive Montana Highway Killer?

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