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Black Tied: Sapphire: Love Charmed Romance, #1

316 pages4 hours


When ordinary you and the Son of the Kitchen God are all that stand between a playboy apocalypse and innocent hearts yearning for love. 

Sapphire Sing is in desperate need of her grandmother’s matchmaking skills. She’s stuck on a not-so-merry-go-round of secondhand men while wedding bells ring for her snooty half-sisters. 

Sapphire sets out to discover her grandmother’s secrets but runs afoul of Johnny Wok, the Kitchen God’s son. When Sapphire’s friends steal the magic wok, one reputed to cast love spells, she is hurled into an ancient conflict between love and evil. 

What’s a girl to do when a playboy demon and a seriously hunky demigod both want your heart … and your wok?

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