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The Billionaire's Fake Dating Game (Part One): The Billionaire's Artist

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Abbie Tell has had it with men, especially since the last one she dated kept track of the miles on her car with a spreadsheet. After leaving her oppressive home behind to make it as an artist, Abbie has sworn that she will remain single and create a life for herself.

But when she risks losing her art gallery and having to go back home, Abbie is desperate. To pay her bills, she must become the artist to the stunning billionaire Thomas Maxwell. That's fine—except that it turns out Thomas is also in trouble. Known for being hot, single, and adventurous, Thomas must look like he's settling down with a woman in order to inherit the family business.

And Abbie's the best candidate.

So what's the solution? Fake dating! It's only an act, after all, and Abbie swears she will never fall for Thomas...

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