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Deception Tips: 101 Cues To Detecting Deception: Deception Tips, #1

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The study of body language is taking the world by storm. Learn how to spot lies and understand lying behavior by studying 101 deception tips. This book was brought about due to the amazing popularity of the Deception Tips blog and A Guide To Deception. Grab a copy of this great book today and have all of your deception detecting tips in one place!

I've compiled this book because of your interest in deception and the deceptive signs within body language. After A Guide To Deception, many readers were looking for more. They liked the direct and straight-forward approach and appreciated all of the information that was stuffed into that book. However, there was also some feedback that said there was too much information, that the book could have been twice as long and more explained. Therefore, I decided to follow up A Guide To Deception with a series of blog posts solely dedicated to deception and how to detect it. I posted a new tip each week for roughly two years. Thousands of people followed the blog across several different social media channels. The reception was amazing.

Once again, however, people wanted more! Therefore, I created this book so you can have a collection of tips that you can use to help you detect deception and read people. There are 101 in total and they are all taken from the Deception Tips blog on Spencer Coffman's website. This is a great book for you to have so that you may have all of these deception detecting tips in one easy location. Grab a copy today!

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