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Drowning In The Darkness Of My Mind

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All of his life, Aaron Kelly has dreamt of killing random women; random women who are actually turning up dead. An unfortunate event brings with it a life sentence at Psycho Ward, Newark, NJ’s brand new state of the art mental health facility for the criminally insane.

Eric Mosley has had a hard life, but he hasn’t allowed that to stop him from building one of the most lucrative business empires on the East Coast. Eric is also a cold blooded murderer who will stop at nothing to feed the sick and demented desires that have propelled him for his entire life.

Martina Ambrose is sick and tired of being sexually abused, and takes it upon herself to put a permanent stop to it; landing her a life sentence in Psycho Ward. She also has dreams of being murdered and can feel each emotion and sensation that the victim feels upon death.

What do these three people have in common? And why will it lead to a violent and bloody standoff within Newark’s city limits? The answer is very simple, when you’re….DROWNING IN THE DARKNESS OF MY MIND!

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