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Dead Cell: Craig Ramsey, #1

350 pages4 hours


Craig Ramsey isn't your average private detective. He's a psychic; a real one. And with a touch of his hand, he can know you, your secrets, and sometimes your thoughts.

But he's more than psychic. He's also the adoptive uncle to two children he loves very much.

And one of them dies inexplicably in an apparently minor traffic accident, Craig smells a rat. A parnormal kind.

Nothing will stop him hunting it down, dead or not.

Soon he crosses paths with Detective Sergeant Cogan. She doesn't believe in ghosts but she smells a rat too. Neither does she appreciate so-called psychics cramping her style.

Soon the psychic and the sceptic meet and clash when circumstances force them to work together.

It becomes a partnership of battling wills and conflicting beliefs

The Phantom Killer

Meanwhile, an otherworldly assassin hunts the streets and surrounding motorways for victims. Its soul filled with hatred and rage, it finds and kills them.
But what is the common link?

Can Craig Ramsey and Brianna Cogan overcome the menace looming over the city, or will they become the next in the growing list of victims?

DEAD CELL is a paranormal action thriller that will rocket you through a shadowy world filled with spirits, paranormal creatures, and government conspiracies.

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