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Under the Hill: The Full Story

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It’s the same old story, isn’t it? There you are, trundling through the evening sky in your Lancaster bomber when reality’s torn apart and you’re abducted by elves. Typical. They’ll be invading Britain next, the cheeky blighters.

In Ben’s hour of need, for the cataclysmic battle to come and in the ardent hope that the Fairy Queen herself won’t come back from Elfland and start testing her dragon on people, our hero turns to the only group eccentric and unemployed enough to answer the call: Chris Gatrell and his Paranormal Defence Agency.

They're brave, they're keen, they laugh at fear, they don't speak Elvish and they bring their own sandwiches. They're also the only offer he'll get...

Note, this is Under the Hill: Bomber's Moon and Under the Hill: Dogfighters in a single volume.

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