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Sweet Betsy: Isabel & Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery Series, #5

Length: 277 pages3 hours


For their next outing, Isabel and Alma Trumbo, the ace sister sleuths living in small town Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, are planting marigolds in their flowerbed when Alma unearths a curious bone. Isabel suspects it’s a dinosaur bone while Alma insists it belongs to Betsy Sweet, a young woman who went missing three summers ago. After a spirited debate, Isabel finally accepts Alma’s explanation, and they take their evidence to Sheriff Roscoe Fox who’s been enjoying a quiet, peaceful summer. He is reluctant to accept the bone and their speculations of murder. Isabel and Alma call on their young assistant Sammi Jo Garner and their elderly gentlemen friends known as the Three Musketeers for help. They discover the murder victim’s father Russell called her “Sweet Betsy” before his fatal construction accident in Florida. The arrival of Betsy’s grieving mother Doris in Quiet Anchorage from Florida and her meeting Isabel and Alma increases the urgency to find the truth behind Betsy’s murder. The sisters use their beagle Petey Samson to play an important role in their snooping. Sweet Betsy is a clean read and a traditional whodunit set in a charming small town. Join Isabel and Alma when they set off on solving their latest mystery as amateur sleuths that is as fun and challenging for them as it is for the reader.

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