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90 Osteoporosis Juice and Meal Recipe Solutions: Make Your Bones Strong and Healthy In Less Time

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Our body is a magnificent living structure with the amazing ability to regenerate and heal itself. With some small daily habits, you can actually do wonders and prevent this unfortunate disease. This book is the first step in that direction. It contains osteoporosis preventing and curing juice and meal recipes that are based on natural and healthy ingredients to help your body defend itself. Foods that are rich in calcium include dark leafy greens and dairy foods. While there is evidence that high amounts of oxalates in vegetables such as spinach, leeks, and beets hinder calcium absorption, people who consume a balanced diet will not be affected. A diet rich in grains, seeds, whole grains and seafood contain high amounts of magnesium which is essential for calcium absorption and retention. These juice and meal recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make! Try them all and see how your bones start to feel.

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