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A Crying Shame

Length: 93 pages1 hour


While we identify ourselves as Christians we know much more of the world. Although we bare the terrible scars of sin; we strangely have grown comfortable living in and around it despite its devastating impact on our own lives. We weep and we moan and then blame God rather than face the truth. God weeps over our arrogance and our ignorance. This is not according to the will of God that His people perish as unbelievers. This book is a challenge to you and me alike to "Do those things that prove that we have turned to God and have changed the way we think and act and Don't just say Abraham is our ancestor..." Luke 3:8 GW. This book is a call to revival and renewal. 100% of SALES PROFITS - WILL BE DONATED TO SUPPORT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AND YOUTH MINISTRIES THAT THE AUTHOR SUPPORTS.

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