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God’s Hand In History: During World War II

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World War II was, without a doubt, the most destructive war the world has ever seen. The number of lives lost varies somewhere between forty million to seventy-five million depending on when historians say the war started. Along with the immense loss of life, entire cities and towns were destroyed, and both sides suffered major economic destruction. So where was God in all of this?

God’s Hand in History explains how God did step in during World War II to work on the hearts and minds of the men and women involved, and it shows how he rearranged events so the Allies would be victorious. There are many curious incidents, events, and decisions that define the successes and failures of operations during World War II—from the mysterious weather on D-Day to the incredulous decisions of Axis generals—and it is clear from a close study that God not only used the weather but changed the minds of men to accomplish his will and protect the righteous.

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