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The Long Walk Home

Length: 390 pages5 hours


This is a story of loneliness and fulfillment.
A young man will leave the paradise of his blue-water world and start a journey to find and save his people. An occupation could be called slavery, depending on your viewpoint. Dhan Sokin will fight for his people, so they in turn can fight for their own freedom.
A young woman will discover that the leaders of her people place a finite price on personal value. During a negotiation, a battleship captain will underestimate the value of Jasmine Jones, freeing her from the bonds of one man’s appraisal. Jasmine will thrive, but not without hard work and persistence, and the help of a few friends.
Fear is more comfortable when treated as a friend. Jasmine will acquire the tools that will change her fate, as starting at the bottom can only lead to the top. Dhan will find that he always had what he needed. A fresh pair of eyes from a machine race will show him the way.

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