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Psychic Knights Adventures (Rocky Secrets and White Day)

Length: 36 pages27 minutes


Long before the Psychic Knights gained their enhanced powers they battled the
TechPsychers to rescue the Naturals. Here are the accounts of just two of those

Rocky Secrets

The Psychic Knights had unexpected company while on a training break on a
secluded moon. A TechPsychers expedition amongst the rocky landscape stranded
them away from the safety of the Savage Mind. With some of the TechPsychers
hunting them down and some in the Savage Mind the Psychic Knights had to survive
on their wits and ingenuity.

White Day

On a frozen world where life has been driven into naturally formed shelters,
Thorn is baffled as to what the TechPsychers could possibly need Naturals for in
such an inhospitable place. What he and the rest of the Psychic Knights found
was even more bizarre that either of them could have imagined.

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