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Vi's Ring: Isabel & Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery Series, #7

215 pages2 hours


For their seventh mystery, Isabel and Alma Trumbo, the retired sister sleuths living in Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, tackle one of their more unusual murder cases to date. Stan Bennett, Alma’s first ex-husband, pays them a visit and reveals his younger sister Violet “Vi” Bennett has been murdered at the local Buttercup Bed and Breakfast. Stan and Vi stayed overnight there on their way to a doll collectors’ convention. It doesn’t take Isabel and Alma very long to identify Stan’s young and beautiful wife Nicole, a tax attorney, and the bed-and-breakfast owner Chloe Glover as the two possible murder suspects. Isabel and Alma call on their young helper Sammi Jo Garner and their elderly gentlemen friends known as the Three Musketeers for their able assistance. Meantime, Sammi Jo continues to deal with her fiancé Reynolds Kyle who just can’t quite commit to marrying her and always has a reason why. Vi’s Ring is a clean read and a traditional whodunit set in a charming small town. Join Isabel and Alma when they set off on solving their latest mystery that is as fun and challenging for them as it is for the reader.

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