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Cora: Twisted Roots, #1

Length: 64 pages55 minutes


Cora De’mar is the princess of the witches. However her life is nowhere near a fairy tale. Her father is sick and the day she has been dreading since a child is looming closer. Soon she will be queen. But is being queen more than she can handle?
Her youngest sister doesn’t trust her future husband. But there is nothing Cora can do, she has a duty. One that she must honour, for the sake of her people.
With her father’s passing Cora uncovers the twisted truth of her ancestors. Everything she has ever been told was a lie. That lie threatens to shatter her world completely. But how can Cora fix the twisted roots of the past?
There is one man intent on taking over the throne. Can Cora be the queen her people need her to be? Or will she suffer the fate of her sins?

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