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A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley

Length: 89 pages1 hour


Your footsteps click on the cobblestones.  You’re walled in, enveloped by darkness.  And you’re not alone...

Private eye Harry Celeste tracks a case rife with sex bots, killing machines, and old wounds that refuse to heal. 

A heartless mafia enforcer, known to the underworld as Shovel, finds that even he has passion in the presence of a mysterious wooden doll.  

Picking up strangers proves lustful and dangerous for a young man with nothing to lose but his loneliness. 

Two hitmen discover a mime in an invisible box.  And what he’s not saying could kill them both.

Four stories that blur the lines between urban fantasy, noir, horror, and science fiction.  Tales of mystery and magic, hatred and desire, the unliving and the restless dead. 

A collection not intended for children.  Or the faint of heart. 

This collection includes:

   - Eating in the Underworld

   - Unfeeling

   - Lonely

   - Mime

"Brink melds hard-boiled mystery, robot sex slaves, and a twist on Greek myth, all which evoke Blade Runner, and leaves you wanting for more."  -- Tales of the Talisman Magazine

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