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The Last Curse (Angel Series Book 1)

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The Last Curse, Angel Series Book One is based on these true stories - He slept in his house but woke up on a local bamboo bed by the bank of a river. Every night Gold as he called his wife, will transform into a python and coil round her husband who suffered night sickness all these time and will not touch his wife till morning when he recovers and goes to work.Their grandfather's accumulated bills, the errors of the past stood to haunt the innocent children. Unknown to them was the remote causes of the myriads of their calamities, as they groped in the dark until Ikem alias Jerry Boy came back from the United States and with some of his peers diagnosed the problems, investigated, uncovered the truth and recovered the lost glory.The last curse.This story was the mirror that helped them look into the past so they could recover the present and their future.

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