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Only You (Amanda Series Book 1)

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"Only You" (Amanda Series Book One) is the story of a young girl, young adult who found love in an old man."I was torn between the man I love and the future ahead of me. The man who stole away not only my heart but also my loneliness, depression, boredom of life and rejection. The gold I could not find in the young and exuberant, in the strong and mighty, in the rich and the poor, I found in him. Call him old but to me he resurrected my life and the youthfulness I lost long ago.I see in him life and vibrancy, a future that will never die, a sun in me that will shine forever, a beauty that will never fade even in death. It is only you." Face your obstacles and offer forgiveness where possible to heal wounds. Amanda did just that - a recipe she left for the hurting and down trodden. Get your copy and for your friends too today.

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