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The Last Mystery (Angel Series Book 3)

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Wam! Albatross swooped on his prey like when the kite or hawk dives for the unprotected chicks. On hearing the unfriendly sound I looked back and up to see the giant evil bird coming for me. I screamed calling the name of the Lord but the great albatross hovering, focusing on his target lowered as she spread her spattering wings. She flapped her wings as if announcing my end, then opened her mouth chuckling and reeling out incantations for the final onslaught...
During one of these magical wars Stella and Mrs Eastwood encountered one of these magicians who sent his fire against them. As this block of fire rose high into the air and headed down towards them, Mrs. Eastwood screamed "we are protected and I command the fire of God to consume you in Jesus name." Immediately the magic strange fire stood still like a pillar and motionless. A wall of shield appeared between the magus and the two ladies. The magician was lifted up as he cried for help. He was struck against the rock and collapsed... The Last Mystery (Angel Series Book 3) is a follow up to books one and two of Angel series. Angel Series is revealing and suspense full. It is a story of Ikem and Ehie city growing out of ancestral and generational bondage. Dealing with the truth, revealing information of evil past brought solution and salvation to this people.You will see your story or that of your family or people in this story. Learn the solution for your problem from their story. It is a must read. Get copies for yourself and for your friends too.

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