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Grow a Healthy Profitable Cleaning Business That You Can Be Proud of and Rewards You, Bountifully

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After seeing, reading, and hearing lots of bad advice about building a cleaning business, I decided to write advice that I know to be true. I know it’s true because these are some of the steps that I used when I grew my own successful cleaning company. Hi, I'm Susan O'Grann, author, and creator of a cleaning company that saw its first six-figure contract in just over one year. I say I followed "some of the steps" because when I started there was no internet library, no books, or advice. Just the school of hard-knocks, from which to learn.

But looking back and having gone forward I can tell you, from experience, that these steps are virtually foolproof if you follow them. Not only will you learn to construct a business from the ground up, but I also share with you how to locate and solicit to your target market, identify that market, and negotiate with confidence because you will understand every step of what you are building. You will be the creator and builder, but I will be your guidance partner every step of the way. From tax forms to new hires, I cover it all. It doesn't matter if you're just wanting some "rainy-day" income or you plan to specialize in hazardous material clean-up, you'll want to carry this book with you, at all times. Thanks for reading and good luck with your business!! Sincerely, Susan O'Grann

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