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The Gentleman's Muse

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When a frantic man races after David on a London street, he's certain the fellow is a lunatic. But in fact, Isak Jensen is an artist caught by David's beauty. He coaxes David to model for him, for a generous fee, of course. David, down on his luck and with a sister to support, agrees--despite his undeniable and dangerous attraction to the eccentric, wealthy artist. The sort of attraction that has led him into trouble before.
Enjoying rising fame as a painter, Isak struggles to keep his emotional distance from his handsome model--unsuccessfully. Dodging downstairs gossip and swirling intrigue amongst the servants, he and David indulge in clandestine rendezvous. Until the problems that hound David land on Isak's doorstep in the shape of a former lover, a conniving aristocrat who preyed upon both David and his sister.
With a looming scandal in a censorious society threatening to destroy Isak, David, and his sister, Isak makes a perilous offer that could save them all.
A victorian gay romance.

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