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Vintrig's Throne: Isu Magan, #2
Vintrig's Throne: Isu Magan, #2
Vintrig's Throne: Isu Magan, #2
Ebook270 pages3 hours

Vintrig's Throne: Isu Magan, #2

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About this ebook

Marriage and love weren't supposed to be part of Isu Magan's life.


"A good mix of realistic and fantastical elements, and a gripping, at first gritty storyline, the puzzles first presented in early chapters are resolved in the plot in a way that shows rather than merely tells!" Troy


As Isu falls deeper in love with Sama Conn, her Counsellor works in secret in the shadows, preparing to ruin her.


When Isu Magan finally takes the crown, it seems that all her dreams will at last come true.


But her Counsellor has other plans and Isu finds herself on trial with her life at stake; only the Law of Substitution can save her...


Vintrig's Throne concludes Isu Magan's tale in this climatic fantasy epic.


Warning: contains scenes of a sexual nature and some violence which some readers may find upsetting.

PublisherFreya Pickard
Release dateNov 13, 2017
Vintrig's Throne: Isu Magan, #2
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Freya Pickard

Pushcart Prize nominee, Freya Pickard, is the quirky, unusual author of The Kaerling series, an epic fantasy set in the strange and wonderful world of Nirunen. A cancer survivor, she writes mainly dark fantasy tales and creates expressive poetry in order to leach the darkness from her soul. Her aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through her writing. She finds her inspiration in the ocean, the moors, beautifully written books and vinyl music (particularly heavy metal and rock). She enjoys Hatha Yoga, Bhangra and Yogalates and in her spare time creates water colours and pastel drawings of the worlds in her head.

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