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The Untimely Journey of Veronica T. Boone, Part 3 - The White City: The Untimely Journey of Veronica T. Boone, #3

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The White City is the exciting conclusion to The Untimely Journey of Veronica T. Boone!  Molly has escaped the destruction of her small town of Laurentide, and she and Veronica have survived a dozen harrowing adventures as they raced through the 20th century on the Jeremy Bentham.  They've outwitted and out-battled not just Pug-Nasties but power-hungry presidents, panicky bankers, and whisky-smuggling gangsters.  But are they up to their greatest test of all - Ursula Bamcroft herself?

It's Chicago in 1893, at the greatest World's Fair ever to take place, and the girls must find Ursula, stop her from stealing the silver cups, and get Molly back to the Present before history is changed forever.  Easy, right?  Not hardly!  First, they can't find the missing circus train.  Then they realize there's no way to stop the cups from being stolen.  Worst of all, Veronica is kidnapped right when Molly needs her most! 

The White City is a gorgeous, sumptuous, heart-pounding adventure at the height of America's Gilded Age.  In the middle of the historic Columbian Exposition, Molly and Veronica are battling the most cruel forces ever to attack the nation.  On one side is Ursula with hundreds of Pug-Nasties.  On the other are Molly and the crew of the Jeremy Bentham, along with an ill-tempered mongoose, a mysterious magician, and a wild band of circus performers.  Will the White City go up in flames?  Will the bridge over the Chasm collapse under the greatest train race in history?  Will Molly and Veronica survive to reach Laurentide again?  And what does chocolate have to do with any of this?  Grab a seat and hold on, for history is on the move!  It's full speed ahead for The White City - all aboard!!

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