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One More Miracle: Family by Choice, #26

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How do you ask for a miracle when you’ve already received so many?

How do you come to terms with a diagnosis that punches you in the gut?

What do you do when it’s your child?

Bill and Julie have stronger faith than most. They have been tested and tested again and they always push through.

They have seen the worst that life has to offer and they have also known the best.

But this battle is one they are not prepared for and they don’t know how to begin to fight.

As if that weren’t enough, Tommy is still struggling to heal from his ordeal. He worries that life will never be the same and for him, that might be the case.

His career may be over.

Brittany is trying to help him, but she is struggling with her own demons.

Their daughter’s budding romance brings out the press and for the first time in years, they once again have a target on their back.

Nothing is easy.

But then again, for this family, it never is.

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