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Wild Rose Ranch

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Wild Rose Ranch, by Janne E. Toivonen. Book 3 of the epic Adult Historic Romance series, Eva and the Irishman.

You fell in love with Eva and Liam in Eva and the Irishman. In Wild Rose and the Horseman, you witnessed Ellen Mattson unabashedly become an accomplished, strong woman ahead of her time, while keeping her man Sean.
Now the epic saga of the amazing Dady-O’Neill clan continues in Wild Rose Ranch.
•Ellen’s story ended with Eva fainting at the appearance of sudden visitor, Thanksgiving 1919. Opening Wild Rose Ranch, the visitor, whose arrival has delighted Ellen, opens deep, old wounds for Eva, causing a rift between her and Liam.

•Young Sean and his ranch partner, Chase Brock, continue to have problems with Martin Day and his son-in-law/accomplice, James Wolff. Both connivers are still sore about losing more than just the Hillside Stables in Helena in a failed hostile takeover attempt. They secretly plan revenge. But, is there an eves dropper to their clandestine, dastardly plans?

•Ellen’s old nemesis from her early days with Sean, reappears. Could there be more conflict as in the old days? Could she, now married to Wolff, have important information for Sean and Chase with regard to Day and Wolff?

•David Sullivan, the Great War veteran, suffers a set-back with shell-shock, and while his father Liam tries to help him with his gentle ways, there comes a point where Liam has to take a different path to David’s recuperation.

•The Dadys, and the O’Neill family and Chase, both experience sudden, heartrending losses. Then, Liam and Eva’s children, one by one, step through the invisible threshold to adulthood, but not without dramatic and challenging conflict. Brought up by parents who weren’t afraid to show their love for each other, how will each burgeoning adult go through that dawning to become a happy, secure adult?

•Liisa heads off to a San Francisco Art School experiencing the slings and arrows of coming of age while trying to keep the secret only she and her family know. Will she be able to find security, happiness, love?

•Conor, Liam and Eva’s more emotional child, falls in love with a troubled girl, bringing on ordeals that no teen could ever carry without the loving parents and extended family he has.

•The twins, Aili and Patrick have their own experiences. Aili’s world is turned upside-down when her secret love leaves, seemingly for good. Vulnerable, she falls for a beguiling young man. Patrick has a final battle with an unwanted admirer of Patrick’s, betrothed.

•Olli, the youngest, discovers he loves boxing and has the mad skills his father Liam still has. So, he asks Liam to train him. Eva is conflicted, but reluctantly gives her “baby” the go-ahead. Without mal-intent, she sets out to take Olli’s attention away from boxing by introducing him to the pretty niece of the dry goods store owner in town. Olli falls for the young woman, but does the match give Eva the desired effect? And will Olli and Grace find their growing relationship smooth-going?

Lovingly written, Wild Rose Ranch is 243,000 words. “I can’t begin to convey how much I love this series and these characters,” Janne says. “They are a living, breathing, cherished gift to my life. My highest ideal is to share this story with readers who love this kind of adult, substantive, romance.”

Coming Soon: The Sweet Fragrance of New-Mown Hay, book 4 of Eva and the Irishman series.

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