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Depression In The Black Community: Causes, Effects and Solutions

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Are you Woke?

If not, it’s time to wake up!!

Depression is on the rise!!

Depression is a growing problem globally, especially in the black community. Did you know over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression? Are you aware that depression is overlooked in the black community? Did you know that black Americans are less likely to report psychological distress than the general population? This information may come as a shock to some but this is a real issue and it can be solved. This book will give you information on how the black community is affected by depression and how you can help yourself or someone you know with the information you've gathered.

This book will cover:

Different types of depression

The root cause of depression in the black community

How to treat depression naturally

And so much more !!

You will gain much knowledge from reading this book, which will be helpful for you and your family. Enjoy!!

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