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Child of Destiny: Child of Destiny, #3

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“If you don’t do this spell, Charlotte is going to die!” Leo said looming over her.

“You think I don’t know that!?” she huffed, “I told you, I can’t do it. It requires ‘passion acquired in a lover’s arms’ and I. Don’t. Have. That!”

Mya was a fledgling witch. 

Leo, a desperate boyfriend. 

The circumstances were not ideal. 

Magic MUST be performed or Leo’s girlfriend dies. If she dies; well that’s the end of Leo’s Cinderella story. 

So what was a Disney Princess to do? 

Well obviously, everything he must. If that includes a little gratuitous sex on the side then well…who can blame him?


That’s who.

But she was dying right at the mo’ so she didn’t really get a say.

Wait, but what about Mya? Is she just gonna roll over like a good mouse and let herself be used as a means to Leo’s ends?

So many questions.

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