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If I Say Yes (Love & Alternatives #1)

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"I just couldn't put it down."
~Amazon UK Review

"I loved this story and inhaled all its goodness of love, friendship & culture!"
~Apple Books US Review

"Sweet, cute romance with a serious edge to it sometimes."
~Apple Books UK Review

You know the story where the girl-next-door-type is getting married to a jerk – and she's only marrying him because she's given up on finding Mr. Right – only for the man of her dreams to walk into her life days before the wedding?

This is not that story.

How about the story where the girl is engaged to the nicest guy in the world, but the appearance of a mysterious hunk rocks her world off its axis and makes her wonder if she should select sexy instead of sweet?

This isn't that story, either.

My story does however, include a man I'm going to marry and a man that...

You'll find out soon enough...

An unexpected marriage proposal, the perfect fiancé and engagement party, and Shell is about to embark on a new chapter of her life. But as she prepares for her happy ever after, she discovers that there are people trying to sabotage her pending nuptials.

She just didn't think that one of them might be a stalker she never knew she had, and another to come in the form of Sebastian Lowe. Her fiancé's best friend!

Seb thinks he's saving his childhood friend from marrying the wrong girl, and will stop at nothing to get his way.

But as unforeseen circumstances force Shell and Seb to work together, will Shell be able to prove to Seb that he's wrong about her? Or will Seb succeed in splitting the bride and groom apart forever?

Set in contemporary London, If I Say Yes (Love & Alternatives #1) is a light-hearted romance that's perfect for readers of chick-lit and novels about weddings, wedding crashers and secret fiancés.

Praise for the book:

"I loved this story! I was up into the early hours wanting to read more to know what happens next. I read it in just a few days because I just couldn't put it down. It was refreshing to have a slightly different take on romance from a Bengali point of view and I was really interested in learning a little bit about the culture and traditions too. The storyline really did keep me on my toes, not knowing what the characters were going to do next, and I loved the fact the main character (Shell) really came out her shell (ha!) as the story progressed too."
~Amazon UK Review

"Sweet, cute romance with a serious edge to it sometimes. Good story"
~ Apple Books UK Review

"Honestly, I am fumbling for words to convey how I feel after reading this book, and want I really want to say is "Damn it Sebastian open the door!" I really did enjoy this book. I hope the second one comes out soon."
~Amazon US Review

"I loved this story and inhaled all its goodness of love, friendship & culture!"
~Apple Books US Review

Book Details:
Length: A 100,000-word contemporary romance novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Clean Romance / Diverse Romance / Interracial Romance / Light Hearted Romance / Modern Day Love Story / Chick-Lit / Contemporary Women’s Fiction / Wedding Fiction

Mood: Inspirational / Feel Good / Funny
Content: Sexy but No explicit sex scenes / No erotica
Audience: New Adult & College / Adult / Female Readers

Recommended for: Readers that enjoy novels by Cecilia Ahern, Christina Lauren, Jojo Moyes, Giovanna Fletcher etc., and books such as Crazy Rich Asians, The Unhoneymooners, and the Wedding Pact Series.

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