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About the Bush: The Five Excuses of Moses

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Are you considering taking up fresh responsibilities in following and serving the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you finding it a daunting prospect? There's nothing unusual, or even wrong about that. In fact, it can be a healthy sign. Great heroes of the Bible like Gideon and Jeremiah - to name but two – certainly needed God's encouragement before they felt ready to be launching out on their life's work.

As Brian Johnston shows,  Moses, too, felt that way and explains how, just as God graciously dealt with him, he'll be as gracious with us too.CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER TWO:  “I’M A NOBODY”CHAPTER THREE: “I DON’T KNOW”CHAPTER FOUR: “WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?”CHAPTER FIVE: “I'M NOT UP TO THE JOB!”CHAPTER SIX: "YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG PERSON!"In a special bonus book, Brian takes a look at an area of the life of Jacob that has often been overlooked - his very last few days. Did you realize that something he did then was so important to God that it propelled Jacob into the Hebrews 11 gallery of faith? Read this little book to find out why!

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