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Ear, Nose, Throat and Tracheobronchial Diseases in Dogs and Cats is the first textbook to give a complete overview of all ENT diseases, both commonly encountered and rare. It includes such distinctive problems as inflammation of the outer ear, deafness, nasal discharge, swallowing disorders and coughing. Detailed and up to date clinical information gives insight into ENT function and dysfunction, for teachers and researchers, veterinarians in practice and veterinary students.Six chapters give key information on functional considerations, aetiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, and therapy of ENT disorders. Relevant diagnostic and imaging techniques are described in detail. Approximately 180 top quality illustrations emphasise and supplement the characteristic features of the diseases, disorders and techniques described in the text. There is also a detailed index.This unique textbook provides a highly useful and practical reference guide in everyday practice, based on the author’s 35 years as a specialist in Ear, Nose, Throat and Tracheobronchial Diseases in companion animals.
Published: CRC Press on
ISBN: 9783899930931
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