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Dirty Secrets: O'Donnell Crime Family, #3

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Dirty Secrets is book 3 and finale of the O'Donnell Crime Family trilogy!

I’m her worst sinful nightmare
She’s the kind of girl who has no business around a brute like me.
Nineteen. Beautiful. So fragile she could break from a hard stare.
She’s running from something—or someone.
I saved her, but now I’ll own her.

I’m a mob enforcer—I hurt people for a living, not go around saving girls.
But Emily was something else.

She was so young. So innocent.
The way her eyes would pull away when you look hard enough
--like she’s afraid she’ll break.

I had no business being around her, no business kissing her.
But once I had a taste, I couldn’t stop myself.

I’ll own her sweet curves.
Use her for my pleasure .
And leave her ruined for anyone else.

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