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Newlyweds Diane and Jacob have just bought their first house. Excited to be homeowners, the couple enthusiastically christen their new dwelling – but is that all they are doing? Or are they arousing the dormant needs of something else that resides there as well? Something sexual...

While unpacking, the two start noticing odd things happening. After exploring the basement thoroughly, they discover a Valentine’s Day memento left behind by a former owner. The strange and unusual events they’d been experiencing begin to escalate to frightening encounters.

In an attempt to cleanse their new home, Diane enlists the help of a friend and former lover to try and eliminate this entity. Things take a turn for the worst when the spirit inhabiting the house takes over Diane’s body and has a sexual encounter with Jacob.

Will the young couple be able to cleanse not only their home but their lives of this voracious being, or will their relationship crumble under the pressure of a sexually deviant phantom?

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