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People of the Forked Mound

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Kai Fraser is about to get the assignment of her career, but the archaeologist is in for a big suprise that will take her ona journey through the millennia and into a world of secrets as old as human civilisation.

But the forces of Islamic Jihadists have turned their attention to the dig in Konya province. Tree beautiful women and priceless artefacts the spoils that await the architect of an all-out assault. Time is short for Dr Kai Fraser, or MajJess Hollier, Captain Bill Morrison and Dr Liz Harrison, who must organise the defence of the comound and its ancient mysteries.

Across two timelines, 5000 years apart, the secret story of the Forked Mound emerges and its revelations will change everything. The Sistren of Neolithic Çatal Höyük and the archaeological Team excavating the ancient Mounds belong to a continuum that has its roots in he bowels of our planet.

What unites them could also end of the world as we know it.

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