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A Haunted Summer

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Kristy and Lawrence are a couple who work together as Private Investigators. Kristy is fascinated by the paranormal while Lawrence remains sceptical. She has added psychic skills to her resume which has led to her to being relegated to the role of nanny when she applies for investigative work. She is rescued from this role by a distraught mother, Suzanne, who is convinced her son, Eddy, was murdered. Eddy had died in a house fire, along with a young girl, assumed to be Ashlin, who had been left in charge of the house. Kristy is led deeper into the maze of relationships of Eddy and Ashlin and Eddy’s family. Kristy finds Ashlin’s journal and is fascinated by her account of a psychic’s vision of a young boy and girl dying, in a fire, in a house by the sea. Finally, the case appears to have been wrapped up, at least from sceptical Lawrence’s point of view, but following events show all is not as it seems.

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