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Climbing Rose

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Whether up against a wall or being lain about haphazardly, I hope my continuing saga up the brick wall of HSDS/HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Syndrome / Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) will yield an interesting, relatively thornless trip I can share. Somewhere between entertaining, enlightenment, and sensual entanglement we'll take root and water down the truth, just a little - at least enough to call it "almost fiction" - through another pile of prose.

:Table of Contents:
Pre-Introduction Against A Wall
Introduction: Climbing Rose
-Fiction & Fantasy-
26 Letters of Gray
Masked Mayhem
Premature Introduction - Wall Climbing Rose
Women's Retreat (Absolutely not in the "shades of gray" category, dammit!)
-Shades of Gray-
Block Party
Embarrassed For You
Gym Jump Start (I will not put this in the non-fiction section)
Slumber Party
Yard Work Helpers
Anatomy Foul-Up
Chinese Massage Oops
Gift Guide For the Clueless
How To for Men: Guide to Women
If I Was a Boy
Interview with the Author
Job Jar Gone Wild
Locker Rooms

So pack it in, stomp it down, sprinkle a little more BS upon the dirt, and prepare to crampon up the Climbing Rose mountain peaks (or is that peek at the mountains? Wait, how'd we get north of the Lagoon of Mystery without me knowing?).

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