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Love's Triumph: Ravencross Romance Suspense: Book 2

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Can a man you have known your whole life really be the man for the future?

Smart, independent professional women want to know...
...and in the ground-breaking Ravencross series you find out when these fabulous women meet equally high-flying, gorgeous available men to share their lives.

You'll soon fall in love too...with this extraordinary Smart Romance series, and the delightful, impressive, witty characters who will have you going from page to page with a little laugh, and a lot of heat.

Each Ravencross book is a contemporary romance suspense story with two hot, steamy parallel love stories playing out in real life, and on screen, and a twisted love struck outsider going online to disrupt everyone's lives.

In Love's Triumph, Book 2....

Backstage: Hotter-than-hot television co-stars Savoy Inverness and Luke Kinnon are about to light up their mega popular show Forever...and each other. But a cliché Hollywood romance never stands a chance...

Onscreen: Sparks fly when Brielle Fraser, the spoiled daughter of Ravencross's most established family, is rescued by Mak Clark the rebel bad boy who has been away for ten years. But Brielle cannot decide if the wild attraction she feels for Mak is based on desire or gratitude. What's an independent woman to do when her freedom is upended by a relationship she never predicted?

Online: A fanatical waitress with a love quest of her own thinks she can go after Mak by targeting Luke with a threat that could shake Forever to its foundations.

Will you make it through the shock?

In the Ravencross series, smart, professional, thriving women meet their match when a hot male attraction crosses their paths. The sparks fly and the air heats up quickly, and that's just the beginning...

This novel is absolutely romance with a unique and exciting setting. The Ravencross series involves dazzling women and desirable men from the cast, crew and fans of a popular daytime drama who become dangerously, and obsessively involved with one another through the show and an A.I. enhanced online game based on the characters.

From the hot, tense Hollywood set of the blockbuster series Forever, out to the steamy Las Vegas desert or online where everyone can live and love in the social media video game EverLife... Real life humans, on screen characters, digital avatars - romance and thrills are happening in three heart-pounding dimensions through one non-stop page-flipping unified story.

This extraordinary format is packed with stories - two hot, steamy romances and a suspense thrill - in one full 70,000+ words contemporary novel with HEA, no cliffhanger and a preview of the next story. Each book can be read independently. And your favorite couples have cameos in the other books.

The Ravencross Series by Em Avalon:

Ravencross is a Smart Romance suspense series about the tension of secret desire, the enchantment of instant love, and the enduring power of our mediums of entertainment...

Book 1: Love's Embrace: Seneca and Anton
Book 2: Love's Triumph: Brielle and Mak
Book 3: Love's Whisper: Lunen and Nik
Book 4: Love's Wonder: Krisa and Gideon
Book 5: Love's Victory: Shay and Dane
Book 6: Love's Delight: Kalla and Marcus

Thank you for checking out my exciting new series!

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