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How To Design Newspapers With Corel Draw

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How Absolutely Anyone Can Begin to Edit and Design Newsletters and Newspapers Using Corel Draw

If you have spent lots of money paying graphic designer whenever you want to edit and design a newsletter for your organisation and products or a newspaper for your newspaper company, then you will stop wasting your hard earned money if you read on.

You are very much capable of designing these newsletters and newspapers yourself!

You will only need to learn how from this simple and short picture guide.

This picture guide shows you the simple and basic tools you can begin to use in Corel Draw to get your design projects executed every time you have one to carry out.

I'm doing this already and I believe if I could do it, anyone will also be able to do it. I'm not a trained graphic designer but I was able to find a way around this using the most popular and the most robust graphics design software of our time - Corel Draw.

You will learn some of the following tricks in this book:

How to use basic tools in Corel Draw

How to find a template for your newsletter and newspaper design at no cost

How to draw a skeleton of the pages of the newspaper and newsletter on paper

How to set the margins of the pages of the newspaper on paper

How to design the header and footer of your newspaper and newsletter

How to lay out newsletters and newspapers in Corel Draw

How to set the margins for the newsletter and newspaper

And more...

I want you to get this book today. It contains the basic newsletter and newspaper editing and design secrets the experts don't want you to know.

Get it today.

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