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Gabriel's Gift

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Gabriel Morgan returns to the Northumberland village of Corby as the new church pastor. Eager to serve his parishioners, he settles into the position with energy and enthusiasm. He doesn't expect to run into Mattie Wilson, the girl he grew up with—the woman he fell in love with—and then lost years ago. Reconnecting with Gabriel stirs up long-lost dreams in Miss Matilda Wilson, but her father's overindulgences and shameful death, have brought her down in the world since her carefree, youthful days with Gabriel. Ashamed of her father's past and struggling to understand her Grandfather's quiet brand of faith, she struggles with believing anyone can find her worthy of love—especially Gabriel, whose love for God tugged him away from her once already.As the two become reacquainted, and Gabriel recognizes Matilda's broken, hesitant spirit, his heart aches for her. While he eagerly shares with her the wonder of God, a small miracle binds them together—the discovery of an abandoned baby.As Christmas draws near, can Gabriel break down the walls of Matilda's heart to see the wonder of it all? His affection for her blooms as he watches her uncover the greatest gift of all—unconditional love.

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