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Spanking Selena: Book 2 of "School of Discipline"

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St Severine's School for Turbulent Girls, young ladies between the ages of
eighteen and twenty-one are sent receive the discipline they so desperately

is eighteen, and is already wed. But she is simply too shy to perform her
wifely duties. In frustration, her husband sends her to St Severine's.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

you're really a slut, aren't you? You'll fit right in." He remarked, his
low drawl tantalizing and infuriating all at once. "You're really pressing
against me - you really need this, don't you? You're such a whore. You're not
supposed to enjoy punishments, you know."

slid another finger into me, and I let out a shameless moan that I was certain
Peter could hear from miles and miles away. "More," I gasped, but I
quickly retracted it. "Stop- stop- Sir, please stop-" I insisted,
though I knew that Professor Harker was aware of what I really wanted. I
pressed my forehead against the desk, not wanting anyone to see my face.

Harker scissored his fingers, stretching me and playing with all the wetness my
pussy had managed to conjure up. I moaned, and he crooked his fingers inside of
me, touching a place that, up until that very moment, I hadn't known even
existed. The feeling was indescribable - my whole body seized up, muscles taut,
and I couldn't control the debauched sound that left my lips. He rubbed that
spot over and over until I was seeing stars.

all of a sudden, the fingers were removed, leaving me gasping and panting
against the desk, my disappointing breasts trembling as my chest strained, my
heart pounding hard. I was shaking all over, my body jelly-like and weak. I
wanted more of that feeling - I was about to beg for it before I remembered
that I was supposed to retain at least a little bit of dignity.

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