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Musings in Bali - I Love My Life!

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I am Sterling, and I want to share my truly unforgettable life with you. Just imagine you are sitting here with me in Ubud, Bali as you read my book!

Living in Bali has been a life enhancing experience. I thrive in its simpler - and I would say - purer lifestyle. No car, no insurance, no oven, no need for heat or AC. A large gecko lives in the rattan rafters on my ceiling. I use berries for makeup and leaves for medicine. My flip flops are ever so comfortable.

The unique energy and culture in Bali offer nourishment for my soul. Since I have lived here, poetry and writings have been literally pouring onto the paper. That’s how I came to write Musings in Bali: I Love My Life.

The book has two parts. The first humorously shares my experiences as an expat getting acquainted with and settled in Bali. In part 2, I give you a deeper look at the lives and culture of the lovely Balinese people. Among the chapters are interspersed some of my favorite poems that I’ve written about Bali. You will enjoy the amazing photos I’ve include with every chapter, so you can marvel in the culture as I do.

My village of Ubud is listed by important travel publications as 9th on the list of the world’s top 15 cities. Visitors relish the sights, landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping and overall value. But, there are much deeper traditions, amazing art and remarkable individuals that are not open to the casual tourist eye. I can hardly wait to share some of my insights with you!

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