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LoveDare is a story about a wealthy real estate developer who thinks he knows the meaning of success until one fateful night when he's challenged to take on LoveDare; an act of selflessness that causes a ripple effect throughout his life and the lives of those around him. To fulfill the LoveDare challenge, Corin decides to care for a dying boy who's plagued with a painful past, but within days, Corin unexpectedly grows extremely attached to the child. As the hours pass, the boy's demise draws nearer, and as Corin changes his old ways, LoveDare changes his life, and in the process he learns about selflessness and the truest, purest, most honest meaning of the word, Love. Written by Claude La Vertu, and filled with emotion and an abundance of hope, magic and miracles, LoveDare is a story you'll want to cherish always.

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