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The Khami River Legacy - from an African Wilderness to War in Iraq - an Adam Geard Story

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Adam Geard is only 8-years old when he witnesses a brutal rape and murder by the notorious Red Brigade on his parents’ farm on the Khami River near the Zimbabwean town of Bulawayo. The victims of the ethnic cleansing are their farm foreman, his wife and two young children.
For decades Adam has had unexplained behaviour, often extreme, the legacy of the stress disorder condition he suffers.
He chooses to work as a geologist in the wilderness of Namibia, believing he might discover the source of his behaviour in those empty places. But he knows he is also hiding from reality – until it comes home in a mistake he makes: commissioned to capture three terrorists, his acute anger drives him to extremes and he kills them.
Adam is recruited by a South Africa mercenary company to do duty in Iraq. In a slaughter-house in Kirkuk he finally comes face-to-face with the truth that has evaded him for so long.

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