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Tintreg Gilgarra: En Brera II - a Sequel

458 pages


‘Tintreg Gilgarra’ is a sequel to ‘En Brera: An Escape and Discovery,’ carrying on the life of one who fled an abusive childhood to find sanctuary in a nearby mountain possessing an abandoned bunker complex. A life evolving into front line war, cynicism, paranoia and murder. Hunter and hunted. About the Author: Mr. Laudregan is a retired business owner and author of two previous books, ‘En Brera’ and ‘Titch Remembers.’ Grew up around the world as a military ‘brat’ and served in the U.S. Navy as a television/broadcast journalist, also working in radio. Presently spends his spare time writing, reading, and drinking coffee with friends at nearby coffee shops. Occasionally traveling.

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